Build Styles Kurk Custom Homes In the Greater Houston Area and Texas Hill Country

We love to get the question "Can you make this change?" while we are designing your family's home. Yes, we can! We love to. Our designers' goals are to pull the visions from our customers and create a plan that our team can then build on your land or with your Southern Living house plans. Some customers have dreams of a quaint farmhouse overlooking a beautiful garden, while others want a funky metropolitan lifestyle of a more contemporary home. Whatever the customers' vision, a design-and-build firm like Kurk Homes can capture it.

While categorizing homes into styles can lead to muddy waters (such as transitional that incorporates contemporary, traditional, and sometimes Mediterranean or craftsman elements), we've most frequently incorporated plans into the following design styles.

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse design is taking the architecture style in America to the next level. These homes are easily identifiable due to their lap siding or vertical board and batten, painted white, or a solid neutral color with contrasting trim. Just like the traditional farmhouse, this design also includes sprawling porches whether they are on the back, front, or both. Adorned with an abundance of operable windows, these homes give you the option to enjoy the sweeping breeze and scents of the outdoors.

The key difference between modern and traditional farmhouse is the floor plans, modern farmhouse floor plans form unique exteriors, and rooms spread throughout unlike the traditional square designs on a smaller footprint.

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Southern Living Inspired Collection

While there is not one definitive style of home for Southern Living home plans, there are a few key components that allow the home to embrace its Southern flair. Incorporating plenty of natural light into the home, as well as a vast amount of front porch, back porch, breezeway and outdoor living spaces really set the tone for Southern Living homes.

While the exteriors are predominately James Hardie, the range of trim decoration can vary. Our very own Kurk Homes "Legacy Ranch" plan was selected to be a Southern Living plan, after the success of our Showcase Home Tour in Texas Grand Ranch. If you're looking for a Southern Living Home Builder, Kurk Homes is your firm.

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Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country style homes come from a unique history that delivers an exquisite design. As European settlers landed in the hills of central Texas, they brought their carpentry and masonry skills with them to construct their new homes. They used the readily available white limestone and later darker stone to construct the attractive facades we know and love today.

Incorporating a mix of materials allows the design to take on a rustic look that creates a beautiful look in the hills of Texas. This home design style has a modern elegance because of simplicity, materials, and detail in construction.

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The most popular style in suburban home building, dating back to 1932 is still a popular style of architecture people choose today, especially in Texas. Traditional ranch-style homes feature simple floor plans, attached garages, and efficient living spaces. Two features to easily identify this style of architecture are the decorative trusses and faux gables. These homes are usually single-story sprawling over a wide acreage lot.

They may appear simple on the outside, but they offer great potential for customization. This allows homeowners to take this style and design it to meet their family’s needs including bi-level and multi-generational ranch-style homes.

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Originally built to serve a specific purpose, sheltering the owners or workers of the farm, the farmhouse architecture style is one that has evolved over the years. The porches on a farmhouse-style home are the eye-catching characteristic that gives these homes their notorious curb appeal. Built for functionality, these porches can sprawl across the front of the home or enwrap the entire home with steps leading you onto them.

These homes are usually designed with smaller footprints and include a second story for those with a view. Built for functionality, these homes feature mostly oversized, informal living spaces to gather along with large eat-in kitchens.

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Our take on a modern-day bungalow is represented in our craftsman style home designs. Low pitched roofs and decorative square or tapered exterior columns, contrasting paint colors and Hardie-shake shingles on gable faces are some of the distinct characteristics to identify this home style. When you step inside a craftsman style home, you will often find exposed beams along with vaulted or raised ceilings, creating the illusion of more space.

Another feature unique to this style is custom woodwork, whether it be inside or on the exterior of the home. This includes features such as floating shelves, decorative trim, and window bench seats.

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New American

Taking traditional American home design to the next level, New American home designs are warm, welcoming and open. Blending traditional with a modern farmhouse look, this design typically incorporates a large front porch, usually accented with bright white posts and railing and symmetrical gables detailed with trim or modern truss designs.

This architecture generally displays a mixture of materials, such as metal accent roofs and awnings combined with a composite shingle roof as well as stone wainscot with board and batten James Hardie.

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Based on the architecture visible in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, Mediterranean homes feature an exterior combination of stucco and stone with the occasional tile roof, along with courtyards and balconies. Curved entrances, large wooden or iron doors, and arched windows are also identifiable features in this style.

The living area of the floor plan itself is often centered around a central or side courtyard that can incorporate an intricate fountain or other landscaping detail allowing the outdoor area to become a visual extension of the living space.

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Traditional style architecture is very common throughout the United States due to the clean, crisp, and simple designs. This style is often identified by a brick front exterior in reddish tones with an arched entryway and often have painted lap siding encapturing the rest of the home. In addition to the 45-degree angle front gables.

The roofs are composed of dark shingles sprawling over varying roof pitches. These homes can be designed in many different ways to incorporate other design styles into the floor plan or exterior features to bring a more modern touch.

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Spanish style architecture combines multiple design elements from across Europe. Characterized by stucco walls, tile or slate roofs with a lower profile, sweeping archways, courtyards, and wrought-iron railings, these homes host one-of-a-kind facades. This style seamlessly blends bold angles and curves to create unique shapes. Homes can be composed of hard cubic shapes, have a rotunda, and be accented with arched cased entries inside and out.

These designs are usually accompanied by a casita, a home for guests, or extended family. Their charm adds a romantic appeal that blends Mediterranean, Moorish, and Spanish Colonial elements into a single stunning house plan.

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The perfect fusion of traditional and modern come together to create a transitional architecture home design. This allows homeowners to merge their two favorite styles into one. Combining the hard geometric lines with the traditional lines creates a new exterior that makes the best of both worlds. Often, materials and textures from both styles are combined to incorporate both styles seamlessly.

These home designs allow the outdoors to come inside featuring covered outdoor rooms, courtyards, or balconies. In addition, the extensive number of windows allow an immense amount of natural light. Combining two styles gives homeowners endless options with their floor plans and they do not have to confine to any one style.

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The colonial-style home dates back to the beginning of the American colonies and is one of the most popular home styles still around in the United States. Characterized by a facade of symmetrical divided light windows, crisp siding or stucco, and a perfectly centered entrance, this style is one for the history books.

Normally designed in a square or rectangular footprint, colonial-style homes are typically two to three stories with a side-gabled roof adorned by a large chimney in the middle for a central fireplace, or one on each side of the home.

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The contemporary home design describes an architecture that concentrates on simple forms, geometric clean lines, and bold colors. These home styles reflect the integration of modernist ideas into the American aesthetic. Exteriors are finished with a dynamic mix of contrasting materials and textures, in addition to flat, low pitched, or angular roofs.

Designs can vary for these homes but are often innovative and include an extensive open concept layout with large glass features throughout. Although these homes have what appears to be a very intricate design, the minimal ornamentation reflects that of minimalist design.

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French Country/Acadian

Dating back to the 18th century, many homes were designed with the French countryside as inspiration. France occupied much of North America and scattered their architectural designs throughout. Although some of the design traditions began to fade when the United States was taking over French territory, this style of architecture has remained popular and is put on display all over the US; Louisiana is the most well-known for its French-inspired design.

This architecture style is commonly characterized by several narrow windows accented by shutters. The roofs are steeply pitched and the exterior is usually made of stucco. Rounded dormers and arched windows and doors are also typical features of this beautiful home design.

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Bring your dreams to life with one of our cottage-style homes. American architects were inspired by the charming styles of the English countryside to bring us these quaint and cozy homes we know and love today. Typically on the smaller side in stature, the most common features of this style of architecture include steep roof pitches, cross gables with an abundance of divided light windows, and a variety of stucco, brick, and stone combinations to encapture the exterior.

Unique features that these homes include are arched doors and doorways, making you feel as if you were a storybook character entering into your warm and cozy abode.

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