Built on Texas Tradition

The Story of Kurk Homes


Kurk Family Custom Homes

Starting with a dream in the early 80s, Mr. Chester Kurk and son-in-law, Michael McGinley, collaborated with backgrounds in engineering and corporate management to form an idea that would later become Kurk Homes.

Although Michael (Dad) was related to Dziadzi (Polish name for our grandfather) only by marriage, they fed off each other in terms of business. Dziadzi would evaluate the foundations and framing structure. Dad would listen to the customers and learn what they wanted in a home, so they could provide the right product. Dziadzi and Dad kept planning, and saving. They would spend hours researching the market, and figure out their next steps well ahead of time.

Finally, the Kurk-McGinley company grew enough from the Houston foreclosures to purchase lots and start building spec homes. From the ground up, all of the homes needed to pass the first rigorous engineering test through Dziadzi. The strict standards of engineering, the foundation and framing are continued as a standard practice, even today.

In the 90s, Dziadzi officially retired and remained our loving grandfather, giving advice and support until his passing in 2015. Dad pushed on and continued to grow the company, progressing toward the more custom product that is provided today. Chris and I joined the company in 2007 and 2010, honoring our grandfather with keeping the Kurk Homes name and the traditions that both Dziadzi and Dad implemented. We are honored to carry on the Kurk Homes Legacy.     
~ Melanie (McGinley) Sparks


Our Team 

From our design team to our craftsmen, each individual on our team will guide you through the custom home building process.

Each member of our team is highly skilled and trained in the custom home building process from start to finish. 

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Our Partners

We are honored to work with such incredible partners, suppliers and industry-leading brands in the custom home building space.

Our team is part of the exclusive Southern Living Custom Builder Program in Huntsville, College Station, and New Braunfels.

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Awards & Accolades

We are honored to be recognized in the homebuilding industry with awards and recognition from our peers, industry publications, and our community.

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Giving Back

Kurk Homes has a rich history of giving back to our community and assisting those in need.

For 30+ years, our values have supported building safer, stronger, and longer-lasting communities. Our primary giving focus is assisting veteran organizations both nationally and locally in Texas. 

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